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Lilacoco is an online store that brings together the best of the world of fashion, of design, of the latest trends, for women with independent personality.

Lilac is a color that combines features of elegance, allurement, mystery, emotion, purity, romantic, dreamlike, noble, and inner peace, which can best describe charm of femininity.

And that's just who we want to reach: a girl in her twenties, confident in all aspects of her being, brave enough of being true whether sweet or a tomboy. She is free and adventurous, with courage to aspire after what is good and great. A girl who is rich on her inner spirit, likes to think and read, or to travel to every places of the world and embrace the nature. She is optimistic towards everyday and likes to keep busy and push life to its limits. She is emotional with a soft heart, creative and romantic, but tough enough to deal with challenges in life.

So we select clothing and accessories for her to wear on different occasions. Daily life, holiday time, even a vintage banquet.

Lilacoco believes that the enthusiasm in personal embellishment is the most direct expression of love towards life.

Lilacoco was registered by Gigadgets, Inc, which was founded in Delaware in 2016.